July 2017 Blogging Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to my July 2017 Blogging Update! I started Grounded and Well-Rounded in May 2017 as a way to document the things I have learned while working to develop a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that what I share Continue reading July 2017 Blogging Update

Delicious Vegetarian Lasagna

I always loved my mother’s classic lasagna. But to stay true to my healthy lifestyle, I added my vegetarian twist to this amazing dish. It is now not only healthier, but more delicious than ever! Continue reading Delicious Vegetarian Lasagna

The Beginning of our Journey

Welcome to Grounded and Well-rounded! My name is Colin, the creator and author of Grounded and Well-Rounded.¬†Because of my positive attitude and energetic nature, I see every experience as a learning opportunity (yep, I’m one of those people). I am Continue reading The Beginning of our Journey