July 2017 Blogging Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to my July 2017 Blogging Update! I started Grounded and Well-Rounded in May 2017 as a way to document the things I have learned while working to develop a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that what I share will inspire others to trade out their current habits for ones that will help improve their overall health.

July 2017 Blogging UpdateOriginally my goal for this blog was much broader, but I have come to discover that my true passion is healthy living. I do have interests in personal finance, living green and travel, but those are simply interests and I plan to primarily use this blog as a way to focus on healthy living. But who knows what may evolve over time!

I like to use this blogging update as a way to keep myself focused on what my monthly goals are, while also sharing this experience with you! I have never been the type of person to write down a plan and truly stick to it, so as a part of my lifestyle change, I want to be better at planning and stop doing things on a whim.

So let’s take a look at July and see how I did!

July Blog Posts: 2 total

July Goals

  • One week ahead of content (Not even close)
  • Increase traffic (Actually decreased)
  • Increase engagement

Looks like I need to work a little harder this month! I didn’t complete any of the measly three goals I created. It’s clear to see that my goals were too broad and too lofty. For the month of August I need to be more specific and more realistic.

August Goals

  • Consistently publish one post/week (totaling 5 posts)
  • Increase blog views from last month by 50 views
  • Increase twitter followers by 20
  • Continue to research and learn
  • Relax and have fun with the blog

Of course my priority is to put my efforts into producing great content. Like I said, I really enjoy learning and experimenting with healthy living, so if I’m going to share that with others I need to be able to do so effectively. Then I can rest assure knowing that my primary goal of optimizing your health will be met!

The views and followers are goals that are small, but necessary. Through my research I have seen so much about how blogging is 20% writing and 80% marketing the hell out of your content. I find that to be a little bit of an exaggeration, but definitely true. Hence my goal of increasing my views along with twitter followers. I think it will be better to start off small and then reevaluate next month.

Finally, I initially jumped into this blogging experience with the mindset that everything has to be absolutely perfect. I have begun to learn and conclude that that is not what should happen. Blogging is supposed to be fun and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Each blog is unique so I need to do with it as I please, make mistakes and see what unfolds!

Along with tracking my blog goals, I am also tracking my personal goals. This IS a blog about living a healthy lifestyle so it only makes sense.

July Personal Goals

  • Balance (definitely not)
  • August diet prep: 2 weeks no-added sugar, 1 week vegetarian, 1 week vegan
  • Exercise

I only completed one of my personal goals in July as well (so what the heck did I do last month?). Again, I need to be more specific.

August Personal Goals

  • Increase exercise to 4 days/week (minimum of running for 20 minutes)
  • Complete the August diet plan my fiancé and I developed (2 week no-added sugar, 1 week vegetarian, 1 week vegan)
  • No alcohol for month of August
  • Only eat out 1 meals a week max!

This should be attainable, but it is going to be a balancing act making sure I can sanely and successfully juggle work, blogging, social life, cooking, etc. Increasing my exercise should be fairly easy since as of lately I have been feeling more motivated to run outside or do strength training at home. Also, with the Tough Mudder right around the corner, I’m feeling the pressure to step up my game if I want to be able to complete it.

The rest of my goals will be hard. Changing your diet is always a huge challenge and I have become so accustomed to our routine that I don’t want to put in the work. It’s going to be a lot of planning, grocery shopping and cooking (all things I don’t like to do or I’m bad at doing).

I am very grateful that my fiance is doing the diet experiment with me because the help and support definitely won’t hurt! Since August is technically 5 weeks, the final week we decided we will choose our favorite meals from the previous 4 weeks.

Overall I think this is a good plan, especially for being a the kind of person who rarely plans anything. I plan to continue this blogging update as a way to keep looking back at what I have done and what progress I have made. Anyway, that’s all for now! I look forward to see what will happen with the next step of my blogging and healthy lifestyle journey! Stop by again!

What are YOUR goals for August? 

2 Replies to “July 2017 Blogging Update”

  1. I really enjoy this blog as you are honest about your life and what you you want to “improve”. Nice work!
    You asked for thoughts????
    Along my journey (Im 51) Ive discarded “Goals” …(shock) OH MY!!?? whats wrong with Goals???? Two things -really. Goals kept me always “leaning forward”…chasing that one day when I would arrive – and meet that Goal.I either met it and got a dose of reward only to set ANOTHER Goal OR felt like I failed! All the while this kept me focused on “some day” and not PRESENT. The results of being present have been massive decrease of anxiety
    (which is fear of the future) feeling more at peace, which snowballed to more success with less “effort” in EVERY area of my life!!!
    Peace- Scott

    • Wow, I never thought of it like that. I like having goals, but you’re right, I need to keep a stronger focus on the present and where I am now, rather than where I want to be. Thank you for the wisdom, I really appreciate the honest feedback. Now you got me thinking! Haha!

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