The Beginning of our Journey

Welcome to Grounded and Well-rounded!

My name is Colin, the creator and author of Grounded and Well-Rounded. Because of my positive attitude and energetic nature, I see every experience as a learning opportunity (yep, I’m one of those people).

I am the epitome of an extrovert and a firm believer that variety is the spice of life. I love meeting new people, striking up conversations and trying new things! I try to take advantage in all the world has to offer so I love to travel and   experience different cultures. Along with traveling, I think laughing is the second greatest experience this world has to offer. Yes, I am very easy going but I do have a low tolerance for yuppy bull shit. We can get along if you realize the importance of working hard and partying harder, while balancing the important things in life.

Speaking of important things in life, there are two people that I think the world of: my fiancé and my dog (yes, I just called my dog a person!) My wonderful fiancé has helped me grow to be a better version of myself and makes everyday an adventure in itself. We share so much in common (traveling, dancing and binge watching more tv than we would ever admit), but can also appreciate each others differences . We are getting married in October and it’s going to be a-maz-ing.

Our child … pet dog is everything I could ask for in a furry human. He’s smart and balances being energized and lazy perfectly and he is  adventurous and adorbs and  I am obviously obsessed with him, so I’m going to stop writing about him now because if I don’t, this will stop being the Grounded and Well-Rounded blog and become the Flaunted and Much Wanted Dog blog .

Why this blog?

Enough about me, let’s get into why you should be reading my blog. For starters, I’m a nurse and I can hopefully give you insight that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I want to focus a lot of my writing on health. During nursing school I quickly realized that being healthy is more than eating right and exercising regularly. I learned that human health expands beyond the physical. It encompasses so much more, such as building confidence, engaging in stimulating activities and even reading. I plan on showing you how to keep your wellness well-rounded

The goal is to go on this health journey together. While I learn more about healthy living, I will share my experience with you! I will use every resource at my disposal, whether that be reading articles, doing in-depth research or simply conversing with others. You can look forward to my experiences with trying different foods and experimenting with different recipes. You can expect hearing about new workouts I’ll be trying and ways to train for events (I am going to do a triathlon one day whether it’s the last thing I do). I decided that while I’m going on this wellness journey, Why not pay it forward, post what I learn and see if it helps someone else?

I also wanted to start this blog because I truly enjoy personal finance. I went back to school to obtain my MBA and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I thought I would learn how to run a business and understand strategic management, but I learned more than that. I was taught how to analyze data, understand financial management and – the most important piece – how I work with others. Though I am done with school, my interest in personal finance continues to grow. So, again, why not pass along that information I research and learn?

Not only will this blog focus on how to keep you grounded financially, it will literally talk about growing things from the ground. I love to garden and try new ways to live green. I cannot tell you how many times I actively research ways to decrease my carbon footprint and improve my green thumb. I live in a townhouse with my fiancé, and although it’s more space than the small two bedroom apartment we lived in prior to moving, it’s a tight space to garden. Going from living in my mom’s three bedroom home with plenty of yard space, I quickly realized how much harder it is to live green and groom a green thumb in a much smaller living space in a much bigger city. However, I am determined to continue to change how I live. I will explore and experiment with my green thumb and share what I find with the world.

What’s in  a name?

Why the name Grounded and Well-rounded? Grounded: I try to remain humble and honest. I believe being truthful and doing what’s right are two things that matter. Well-rounded: Like I said earlier, health is more than diet and exercise. So, well-rounded represents the goal to balance a healthier lifestyle.

I look forward to going on this adventure with you and I hope I can provide you with some useful info or at least maybe a little entertainment. I’m curious, what does everyone else blog about (if you have a blog)? What are some of your interests?