Blogging Journey: June Update

I began my blogging expedition a little over a month ago (May 2016). I created the Grounded and Well-Rounded blog to document my wellness journey. I wanted to explore ways to live a healthier and greener lifestyle, pay down my debt to obtain financial freedom, and make the most of my traveling experiences. I wanted to share all the information I’ve gathered with like-minded people. People who not only want to improve their wellbeing, but enhance the world around them.

Why Reflect?

I want to use this post to reflect on what I have learned thus far and create new attainable goals. I emphasis attainable because in the past I’ve made the mistake of coming up with BIG plans for self-improvement and then fail to follow through. My hope is that if I make note of my goals in this blog, then I will be held accountable to see them to the end.

Using a monthly update to reflect on my goals, will not only motivate me to push forward but can be a record of what is working and what doesn’t. As a new blogger, I’ve struggled to find details about how someone has gone from “nothing to something”. A lot of bloggers write about how they became super successful, but leave out the details about when they first started and how it progressed from there. I want to not only show where I have succeeded on this journey, but document my mistakes and discuss why some obstacles were just too hard to hurdle over.

Blogging requires a lot of detail and hard work. My hope is that my trial & error will give inspire someone and give them ideas for a smoother wellness journey.

My June Journey

The month of June gave us summer and beautiful weather! There wasn’t a better time to organize and plant a garden, start to exercise consistently and, of course, focus on the blog!

It took me the entire month to master how to change the blog site, create & add images and find the momentum for my writing. Once I found my rhythm, I decided to dive into the unforgiving world of social media. First, I created social media accounts for the blog. I intentionally separated the blog from my personal accounts because I didn’t want to integrate this two side of my life (yet). This method did come with a downside. Creating social media accounts from scratch (A.K.A. no followers) means I’ll trek down a long and twisty path to gain readers. Because of this steep climb, I tend to be less active on my personal accounts and more active on the blog accounts (which I don’t mind because I never used social media for myself that much anyway).

Though the blog has it’s challenges, it forces me to make the most out of everything I do in life… and I love it! When I’m experiencing something new, I think, “How can I make this more fulfilling?” or “I need to document each step I take because this could be blog worthy!” You may think that adding a time consuming activity like blogging to my life might take away from my home life, but instead it has added a new layer to my relationship. My fiancé has become very engaged with the entire process; he supports me by recommending topics, giving tips, taking pictures and proofreading posts before I publish them.


My fiancé is the voice of reason for me. When I am struck with a new idea, I tend to get carried away. I get so consumed on a new idea, I’ll either get overwhelmed or allow other things to fall off my list so that I can focus on the new task at hand. Taking my fiancé’s advice, I intend on making this first list short and include only things I can envision me completing in a month’s time.


Content! Content! Content!

Content has always been, and will always be, the most important goal of this blog. It’s the whole reason I’m doing it. Originally I wanted to have three weeks’ worth of material written prior to starting the Grounded and Well-Rounded blog. However, I became so engrossed with creating the layout of  the G&WR website that I found myself writing each blog the week it was supposed to be posted. Instead, my goal for July is to write each blog one week before it needs to be posted. That way I’m not trying to write too many at once or write an entire blog the day before it should go live.

Increase Traffic


This goes for the blog and for the social media accounts. There is no point in spending time to produce quality content if no one is going to see it! For
July, I want to increase traffic (views and followers) on all fronts. This is an obvious goal, but still needs to be addressed! I don’t want to pick a number or followers or views only because I still haven’t gotten a feel for what is a normal baseline. Once I feel more comfortable with that, then I can start reaching for goals!

Increase Engagement

I am a people person, so meeting new people is a top priority. I want to engage in discussions and get new ideas. While doing some research, I came across an article that stated it is better to have 100 engaged followers on Instagram, rather than 1000 non-engaged followers. I like to hear other’s stories, ideas and questions. I like to get to know people and make new friends, so I would much rather opt for the 100 rather than the 1000.



Blogging is a lot of work and to make it successful I need to devote a good amount of time to it. But I have a full-time job that requires my attention first. My job is my priority (you know, because of bills) and I need to take care of that first. So, one of my goals for July is to figure out how to comfortably balance work, blogging, social and personal life.

Prepare for August

For the month of August, my fiancé and I want to do a major 30 day diet plan. Well, not really a diet, but a change in our eating habits. We want to do a vegan, no added sugar and clean eating plan. This will mean, no sweets, no alcohol (yikes) and many other requirements for the whole month. Needless to say, I have a lot of work ahead of me to develop a meal plan for the entire month.


Exercise is the final goal for this month. Mainly because I am signed up to do the Tough Mudder in September and I need to train! (I wanted this goal focused on saving money, but with the wedding so close I can’t afford to put big chunks of money into my savings right now). Prior to taking a 9-5 office job, I was always active in my daily life So, the last time I completed the Tough Mudder I didn’t have to make time for ‘Mudder’ specific training. However, over the past year I can feel a difference in my strength, stamina and endurance. I need to really increase my exercise routine, so I will start one of the recommended Tough Mudder training programs soon.

I think these are good goals to start. They’re not too specific and account for variability, especially since it is my first time. I want to evolve this process as time progresses and begin making things more specific. For right now, this works, especially since summer is a little hectic for me right now and this is a brand new process.

Share your blogging stories by commenting below! I love to hear what others are doing with their blogs and what their blogs are about. What personal goals do you have this month?


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