Are you looking to transform your current lifestyle for one that embodies a healthier, more active and nutritious one? You have come to the right place! Grounded and Well-Rounded‘s mission is to provide information that will empower YOU to make healthier decisions that will help you improve your overall health!

As a nurse, I have a passion for health. Early in my career I quickly realized that I wanted to help others build healthy lifestyles that prevent illness and allow them to live to their maximum potential.


After obtaining my MBA in 2016, I discovered that I have a special interest in personal finance and budgeting. My tips and tricks are what I’m using to pay down my student loan debt, improve my income and work my way to financial freedom.

My interests continue to expand from health and finance, to living green, traveling and of course, blogging.

I’m not too picky on what you call this. Some may say it is a “health blog with some zest”, a “millennial’s lifestyle blog” or even a “simple personal blog with tips and tricks”. Call it whatever you like, all I care about is that you are able to call this blog HELPFUL.

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In October of 2016 I am going to get to marry my best friend, Richie. He is my other half and everyday he helps me grow into a better version of myself. We have been together for over 5 years and we do everything together. We love traveling, trying new foods, and seeing great entertainment. We love musicals, movies and going on new excursions, so everyday together turns out to be a new adventure!

I am extremely extroverted and can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. I LOVE meeting new people, making new friends and trying new things. I am a very positive, energetic and  an easy-going person. I also love learning! I always find myself researching new information and trying new things at home. I am going to use this blog as a way to share what I learn with you and I hope you enjoy!

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